A Brazilian Wax is a hair removal treatment for the intimate area.  The result is smooth, hygienic and attractive, and for those who prefer to be "bare down there", a great alternative to daily shaving as it lasts longer and eliminates the problems sometimes associated with shaving, such as itching, chafing and razor bumps.

There are many varieties of Brazilian waxing, with some leaving a small strip of hair or other shape in the center, but some prefer to remove all hair, referred to as a "full Brazilian".  Both men and women can receive Brazilians and although it can be a little uncomfortable at first, when done regularly the process becomes much easier due to a decrease in hair regrowth.

For best results, a touchup will be necessary every 4 to 5 weeks.

Our staff has extensive experience in this delicate procedure and is expert at putting you at ease and minimizing discomfort.  We use the finest european waxes for maximum comfort and take the utmost care in keeping the process safe and sanitary by thorougly sanitizing all our implements and no "double dipping".